Convention 2015 – A Capital Experience

Convention 2015 will be taking place March 20-22 in Washington, DC!


NOTE: The Alumni Association’s website has defaulted to the Convention Information page until March 23rd. The “Recent News” section will return following Convention 2015.



Sarah Guthrie, AA President: 919.360.7097
Erica St. Lawrence, AA Gathering Committee Chair: 704.798.1700
Gaston Reboredo III, Tau Chapter President: 954.292.1706


Before Heading Out

  • Read over the agenda for the AA meeting
  • Prepare to do a ton of sightseeing – everything is just a Metro ride away!
  • Be ready and willing to reach out to collegiate Brothers for support and advice

Stuff to Bring

  • Your pledgebook, paddle, pictures to share with fellow Alumni and newer Brothers
  • Your calendar – so you can plan for Midyear!
  • Your checkbook – so you can pay dues or make a donation

Where We’ll Be

Good news! This year, we’ll be holding meetings and banquet in the same place we’ll be staying, so the majority of Brothers will be located at:


Holiday Inn Georgetown
2101 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20007

Pricing Information


Food and Activities

Just as a head’s up, the hotel’s breakfast is NOT complimentary. Kinda sucks, but there are a number of great alternatives closeby. Please click the following links for food and coffee options, the latter likely to be very helpful for that early morning caffeine fix.


Cheap Eats

Select Coffee Locations

Restaurants Near the Hotel


2015 National Cherry Blossom Festival

Touropia Top 10 DC Attractions

 Places to Take Your Sweetheart

Cloture Club Hidden Gems of Washington DC


Convention Schedule

For a complete convention schedule, click here.



Arrive at Holiday Inn Georgetown. Check in time is 4pm. Activities TBD, so take the time to unwind and do some sightseeing, or whatever the heck else you want to do. I’m not the boss of you!



Let the fun begin! There are three meeting rooms in the hotel, all in close proximity to each other.


8am-9am: Alumni Association meeting. This meeting is only slated to last an hour. For an agenda, click here.

9am-12pm: Committee meetings in Meeting Rooms 1 & 2. Scrapbooks will be on display in Meeting Room 3 at this time.

12pm-1pm: Lunch Break. Brotherhood lunch ideas TBD.

1pm-6pm: Board of Trustees meeting from 1pm to 4pm, National Executive Committee meeting from 4pm to 6pm in Meeting Room 1. National Scholarship Management Committee meeting from 1pm to 3pm in Meeting Room 2. Scrapbooks will be on display in Meeting Room 3 until 6pm.

6pm onward: No confirmed plans at this time.



8am-12pm: General Assembly in the Banquet Room. As always, there will be a refreshments table for a quick recharge.

12pm-1pm: Lunch Break. Brotherhood lunch ideas TBD.

1pm-5pm: More General Assembly. This is total conjecture at this point, but 5pm might be a “hard off” time, as we call it in the broadcast world. Banquet will be happening in this same room, and staff will likely need to set up and convert the room into a different setting, so be prepared.

5pm-7pm: General Assembly overflow in a hotel room if necessary? I would be more than happy to volunteer my room for this, as long as people don’t mind sitting on dressers and such.

7pm-9pm: Banquet. Does what it says on the tin.

9pm onward: Enjoy the free time!



Check out is at 12pm. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here… unless you re-upped your rez’.


For an agenda of the AA meeting, click here. For an agenda of the LC session, click here. For an agenda of the NEC meeting, click here.


Convention Hashtag

For those that wish to share their Convention experience on Twitter, Instagram, or whatever the devil kids use nowadays, please use #WashingConDC when you post!