Alumni Association Meeting Agenda

Mu Beta Psi Alumni Association

 Convention Meeting Agenda

March 11, 2016 – Detroit, Michigan

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call and Determination of Quorum

IV. Reading and Approval of the Minutes from Convention 2015 and MidYear 2015 Meetings

V. Officer Reports

A. President – Sarah Guthrie

This past year has been incredibly busy for AA with the hosting of Convention. I wish to personally thank the Convention Committee and Jen Staten as Convention Chair for their hard work supporting the AA and holding Convention. I also wish to recognize that the AA continues to strive to be a true chapter in its own rite which now includes the adoption of our own “Trads” in the form of T-shirts and Polo Shirts. Thank you to Ariane Osterwald and the Properties committee for their hard work. If you were unable to order a shirt this past time, keeps your eye out for future ordering dates. Committee membership has been a bit challenging this past year and therefore we are requesting that EVERYONE renew their commitment to Mu Beta Psi by volunteering for one committee. Please sign up for your one committee today. It has been a great pleasure to serve as the AA President and I look forward to the next few months as we gear up for MidYear 2016.

B. Vice-President – Chrissy Fleming

Most of my role since Midyear has been supporting Sarah whenever she’s needed backup, participating in the National Committee on Chapter Maintenance (see separate report), and putting together newsletters so we can all keep up to date with the news of fraternity and Brothers alike. I have been having some great discussions with new and old(er) alumni alike about how we could do better at helping new members of the AA get into the swing of things. If I’m not elected National President tomorrow, I would like to step-up the Vice President’s involvement in onboarding new members to the Alumni Association.

C. Secretary/MAL/Historian – Haley Vingsness

I have been spending the past few months since MidYear ramping up on Secretary and MAL responsibilities. I have been looking into customer relation management tools to assist us in streamlining address list, newsletters and managing the listervs and membership to enable us to be more efficient in our communication.

For the Spring and Summer I anticipate my focusing shifting more to the historian position as it is an important opportunity for the AA to improve. The goal is to have local alumni groups to contribute to our collective chapter history extending beyond MidYear and Convention meetings. I anticipate discussing options such as a digital scrap book. I will be solicit feedback from interested Brothers for further ideas.

D. Treasurer – Ryan Hauck

Account Balances (as of 2.29.2016)

  • PayPal
    • Statement Date: 2.29.2016
    • Statement Balance: $2,384.21
    • Outstanding Items: $0.00
    • Account Balance: $2,384.21
  • Wells Fargo
    • Statement Date: 2.29.2016
    • Statement Balance: $18,439.34
    • Outstanding Items: $2,640.00
    • Account Balance: $15,799.34
  • Petty Cash
    • Balance: $100.00
    • Outstanding Items: $0.00
    • Account Balance: $100.00
  • Grand Total
    • Statement Balance: $20,923.55
    • Outstanding Items: $0.00
    • Account Balance: $18,283.55

Balances by Fund (as of 2.29.2016)

  • Unrestricted
    • Retained Earnings: $10,618.85
    • Revenue: $9,214.46
    • Disbursement: ($5,953.51)
    • Grand Total: $13,879.80
  • Music Makers (Available Assets)
    • Retained Earnings: $2,270.69
    • Revenue: $1,246.48
    • Disbursement: ($900.00)
    • Grand Total: $2,617.17
  • Music Makers (Reserved Assets)
    • Retained Earnings: $1,541.58
    • Revenue: $245.00
    • Disbursement: $0.00
    • Grand Total: $1,786.58
  • National Fund Escrow*
    • Retained Earnings: $40.00
    • Revenue: $2,600.00
    • Disbursement: ($2,640.00)
    • Grand Total: $0.00
  • Grand Total
    • Retained Earnings: $14,471.12
    • Revenue: $13,305.94
    • Disbursement: ($9,493.51)
    • Grand Total: $18,283.55

*”national fund escrow” represents all national dues paid by individuals through the Alumni Association. This money is not ours; I collect, then distribute it to Nationals as needed.

We have increased our cash assets by about $3500 since Convention last year. However the figure is misleading, as a tremendous amount of that relates to Convention 2016 and we still have several significant expenses (t-shirts, catering) to pay for.

Fundraising: As of 2.29.2016 there have been 18 donors contributing a total of $1,309.99 to Unrestricted and $1,246.48 to Music Makers for a total of $2,556.47, a significant increase over past years.

The proposed 2016-17 budget looks roughly the same as last year’s with the key exception of Convention expenses, which have been removed as we don’t host Convention next year. Another change is that the proposed budget reflects proposals made by the WTF committee to our Finance Policy, which I hope become approved amendments at our Convention meeting. As with previous years, without fundraising projections (which we don’t include in our figures) the budget shows a significant deficit. However be aware that in an average year we rarely approach anywhere near our budgeted expenditures. The deficit is typically on paper only.

We are in good standing with the IRS; I e-file our 990-N form every July as required by law.

Ryan Hauck

AA Treasurer

V. Committee Reports

A. Executive – Sarah Guthrie

The Executive committee has met several times to approve line item changes to the budget for Properties and Convention. Of note, the large shirt order was approved to reimburse Ariana Osterwald and any moneys owed for outstanding shirt orders will be followed up by the AA. We also approved to increase the Convention Registration for elected officers from $40 to $50 and included coverage for the Convention Chair. We further discussed vacancies in our committees including chairs of Service and Gathering. As many Brothers do not remember what committee they wished to sign up to support, we will be requesting new commitments from Brothers. Thank you

B. Gathering – Report by Sarah Guthrie

The Gathering Chair is currently vacant and will be soliciting volunteers for the chair and the committee. That said, the Gathering Committee has been working hard with the Convention Committee to ensure the AA meeting occurs smoothly and provide optional babysitting coverage for banquet on Saturday. We have also met to discuss and select cities and dates for MidYear. The locations were selected as the Chapter has not met in the South in many years. While it is anticipated that Alpha Chapter will host the 2017 Convention, these cities are a minimum of 6 hours from Raleigh, NC. The dates were selected by polling officers in the AA for their availability. Thank you.

C. Music Makers Fund – Lucia Soltis

The Music Makers Fund has had one meeting since Mid-year. At that meeting, we discussed two applications for grants from the Music Makers Fund: one from Zachary Parchomenko and one from Alyson D’Alessandro. The discussion of the application from Zachary Parchomenko resulted in a motion from the committee to award a grant of $500 to help fund the purchase of a chair in the Waterman Theater at SUNY Oswego. This motion will be discussed further in New Business at our meeting in Detroit. The committee is still in the process of reviewing Alyson D’Alessandro’s application. As of our meeting on 2/25/16, according to our esteemed treasurer, Ryan Hauck, the Music Makers Fund has just slightly more than $1300 available to distribute as grants between now and June. On a side note, the Music Makers Fund is always in need of donations. I encourage Brothers to use Amazon Smile ( and pick “Mu Beta Psi Honorary Musical Fraternity Alumni Association” as your charity.

D. Properties – Ariane Osterwald

Properties Committee’s main project this year was designing and ordering the new AA Chapter polo & t-shirt trads. We settled on a black polo with a red embroidered Coat of Arms on the left breast, and a grey t-shirt with white borders and red letters. Over 20 were pre-ordered for each shirt, and there will be a few extras available at Convention. Please see the properties table if you are interested. Many thanks to Jen Staten, Chris Leong, and Alex Dimitrijeski for running the properties table & transporting all of the merchandise to & from Convention this year since I am unable to make it to Detroit. We also now have the Properties webpage properly configured and have begun uploading our current merchandise. It won’t be visible until everything is ready, so stay tuned for an email announcing when merchandise is online & available for purchase. If there are any items you’d like to see in the properties store again, or new ideas you have for the future, please let me know! The committee is always open to ideas and would love suggestions now that our website is in the works. Thank you, and yield to the chair.

E. Service – vacant, no report

F. Thoughtfulness – Chrissy Fleming

This committee has been on hold since I took it over and discovered that its members were inactive and new volunteers either had or were running for national offices. I do think this is one of the best committees in the AA for helping Brothers feel connected to us, and I would like to see it thrive under other leadership and with new, enthusiastic members. The purpose of the Thoughtfulness committee is to show that we are thinking about our Brothers. It is responsible (and has the budget) for sending cards or flowers when someone has a major life event. It also sends e-cards and other notes when Brothers have birthdays, special anniversaries, graduations, etc. It and the MMF committee are the two committees that really answer “what does the AA do for our Brothers?” If you enjoy giving people things and being nice to Brothers, you should lead or join this committee!

G. Website – Andrew Bronson & Jen Staten

We upgraded the website so that it’s up to date with WordPress 4.2.2 and is up to code with security.

During the lead up to convention, I switched the homepage so that it links to the Convention 2016 page rather than our generic main page. I will do this again in the lead up to midyear. Utilizing the website as a repository for Convention 2016 information, we have more than doubled the content over the last two months.

Since last convention, we finally made the AA store live, which links to PayPal. The Sounds of Brotherhood is also available as a digital download, but is available with a donation (minimum $10). We will be working with the Properties Chair, Ariane Osterwald, to get the Alumni Store loaded with new products.

 If you’re interested in what’s been going on, join the committee!

H. WTF (What Treasury Fund) – Ryan Hauck

The WTF committee made awesome progress this year with the submission of nearly 2 dozen amendment proposals to the Finance Policy (and a minor one to the MMF policy). These have been distributed and should hopefully be voted on at this Convention meeting. The committee worked very hard to put the amendments together; they range from small and administrative tweaks, to changes that alter the purpose and aims of our long-term financial strategies. I am very excited about the changes and hope the Chapter supports all of them. Earlier in the year President Guthrie also assigned the WTF Committee the task of researching lifetime membership in the AA and perhaps the National organization. This mandate has not been undertaken yet, as I want to finish the original mandate first; but eventually it will be evaluated in concert with the NT and NFC. Respectfully Submitted Ryan Hauck WTF Committee chair

I. Convention- Jen Staten

I’m so glad that all of you were able to attend what I hope is the most memorable Convention yet.  Many thanks to the Brothers on my committee: Alex Dimitrijeski, Andy Bronson, Julia Kester, Garrett Cooperman, Scott Bennett, and Haley Vingsness.  We would not be having convention without them.  More thanks to Chris Valliere, Sean Weiser, Hannah Kowalewsky, and Phillip Staten who all helped so much.

Two years ago I approached then-President Chrissy Fleming and told her that I wanted to chair the Convention Committee.  I think she was a little taken aback that I was signing up so far in advance, but she agreed.  Since then, I’ve been living and breathing Convention 2016.  Thank you all for being here and realizing this dream with me.

VI. National Committee Updates

A. BOT – Sarah Guthrie

The BOT has met several times since our MidYear meeting to review policy changes and to discuss the creation of the Chief Financial Officer. The CFO position was appointed to Jen Staten. We also discussed the situation with the vacant Treasurer position and Jen Staten assumed the responsibility of this role as well pending the election. The new CFO policy will be reviewed by the BOT and likely be open for LC vote on Saturday. There are no officer reviews this year but I am always interested in feedback to take to the BOT about officers as well as concerns for the National Organization. Thank you.

B. NEC – Haley Vingsness

The NEC has been having frequent (monthly) short meetings. Since Midyear we have appointed a CFO, Jen Staten; adopted an emergency communication plan; approved Nu Chapter and the AA to host a colony at SUNY Oneonta; and obligated money from the General Fund for web servers and accounting software. We also appointed a CFO, Jen Staten (congrats!) At Convention we will vote to amend the Constitution to make the CFO a non-voting member of the BOT. We will also review the PBOTs and the NHAC’s Prospectus.

C. NCCM – Chrissy Fleming

The NCCM has met a few times since Midyear. We have primarily focused on the health of the collegiate Chapters, but we were also all asked to set one goal for our chapters. I said that the AA’s was Convention. Here we are…mission accomplished! In seriousness, a number of chapters have hit some bumps in the road, either due to low membership or to internal conflicts or both. We are hosting a conflict resolution workshop today to help Brothers practice the skills of healthy conflict resolution. The chapters have also been involved with an analysis of their initiation rituals. This will be part of the discussion at today’s NCCM meeting.

D. NCE – Scott Nelson

The prospective colony at SUNY Oneonta is moving into the petitioning term following an organizational meeting last month. There are enough interested students and advisors to begin petitioning. AA/N Brother Julia Kester attended the meeting along with Nu Brother Derek Sexton and NVPE Andy Bronson (AA/N). We must have a Host Pledgemaster to nominate to the NCE. The AAHPM may be from any chapter, but proximity to Oneonta is important. Any interested Brothers are strongly asked to consider taking on this pivotal role. The AA will be providing Big Brothers for this effort. Please keep in mind that you must be an active Brother to participate in any expansion efforts. Additional efforts are ongoing at Xi and Kappa chapters to encourage their reactivation in the near future. Anyone interested in learning more about these expansion efforts is encouraged to attend the NCE meeting; we will be reviewing all current expansion efforts.

E. NFC – Ryan Hauck

The NFC has been nonfunctional this year until earlier in February, when Acting NT Jen Staten called a series of meetings. Discussions included:

1. Approving several pre-Convention non-budgeted obligations for:

  • New website virtual server
  • New videocamera to record General Assembly
  • Funds for new accounting software
  • Funds to publish the Fall 2015 Clef, which was much more expensive this semester due to a radical upscale of the publication’s look and feel; as a result, publication has been delayed long past the end of Fall 2015
  • Funds to publish a similarly elaborate Spring 2016 Clef

As of this writing, All but the Spring 2016 Clef obligations are making their way through the approval chain. The Spring 2016 Clef obligation was not approved by the NEC.

2. Changes necessary to integrate the new CFO position into the national finance policy. At the time of this writing the CFO-related changes have not been voted on yet.

3. The former NT did not turn over any paperwork from his tenure, so aNT Staten requested Chapters re-submit any Active Brothers lists and Initiation Reports since Spring 2014. The AA has complied with this.

4. The former NT also did not pay several reimbursement requests so any requests outstanding need to be re-submitted. The AA does not have any outstanding requests, although our Convention 2015 delegates were contacted to inform them they needed to re-submit if they had put in a request originally.

5. The former NT was sporadic in cashing any checks over the last 2 years, and none since June 2015. Affected checks are considered lost, and aNT Staten requested that Chapters re-write new checks as replacements. Her recommendation was that it was not worth our effort or the fees to put a stop payment on the lost checks. The AA has complied with the request and recommendation.

At this Convention the NFC will be working to mitigate the problems caused by the insufficient bookkeeping and missing documentation from the last several years, and approving CFO-related changes to policies managed by the NFC.

Ryan Hauck AA Treasurer/NFC Rep

F. NHAC – Haley Vingsness

The NHAC met recently and submitted a prospectus to the NEC. There have been updates to the Wikipedia page as well as the knowledgebase on the intranet. This is related to the new Intranet migration.

We are also attempting to revise and revive the Oral History project. The National Historian is encouraging submissions to this project.

G. NITC- Scott Bennett

Since Midyear I have had the pleasure of serving as the official representative for the Alumni Association to the National Information Technology Committee. During this time the committee voted to amend the Information Technology Policy to add a provision that will allow the CTO and the NVPCM to have access to each Chapters’ email list for emergency communication to a chapter if all other communication channels have failed or if the issue is so time sensitive that the entire chapter must be contacted immediately. This policy amendment as well as a document guiding future CTOs and NVPCMs of how and when to utilize this provision have been approved and implemented.

The committee has also been helping Julia out with testing the new Brother’s Intranet. This new intranet is not live and I encourage all Brothers to log in and look things over. The site has been updated with a modern look and has new features that the old site simply could not handle. If you have any questions about accessing the new site or its features Julia has posted instructions on the Mu Beta Psi Facebook group as well as the national mailing list, but I am happy to assist you as well.

If you have any comments or suggestions relating to the email lists, fraternal websites, or anything else related to information technologies please let me know so that I can bring them to the NITC for discussion.

VII. Old Business

A. Alumni Association Polo shirts Shirts have been ordered and will be distributed.

B. Alumni Association T-shirts Shirts have been ordered and will be distributed.

C. Convention 2016 – ENJOY!!!

VIII. New Business

A. Final vote for changes submitted by the WTF – see appendix

B. Vote on Budget- see appendix

C. Host Pledgemaster – nominations, election

D. Major Kutschinski Award

E. Ralph Daniel Brother of the Year Award

F. MidYear 2016- see appendix

1. Locations: Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN, Myrtle Beach, SC

2. Dates: July 15-17, August 12-14, September 23-25

G. Vote on MMF grant

1. We have received an application for the Music Makers Fund from Zach Parchomenko & Nu Chapter to help purchase new theater seating for the newly renovated Waterman Theater at SUNY Oswego. They are trying to raise enough money to purchase three chairs dedicated to Brotherhood, Loyalty, and Trust. They have so far been successful in raising enough for one chair on their Fundrazr page ( The Music Makers Fund Committee recommends awarding $500, the cost of one chair, to Zach Parchomenko & Nu Chapter to help them accomplish their goal of representing Mu Beta Psi in the newly renovated Waterman Theater.

H. Fundraising ideas

I. Elections for open offices–none

J. Chairs of committees: Service, Gathering, Thoughtfulness, Pledging

K. Committee enthusiasm

1. Please sign up for a committee!

IX. Announcements

X. Adjournment