Legislative Council Agenda

Mu Beta Psi, National Honorary Musical Fraternity

Legislative Council Agenda

March 12, 2016 – Detroit, Michigan

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Appointment of Parliamentarian

IV. Reading and Approval of the Minutes

V. Reports of the National Officers

A. National President

B. National Vice President of Chapter Maintenance

C. National Vice President of Expansion

D. National Secretary

E. National Treasurer

F. National Editor of The Clef

G. National Historian

H. Chairman of the Board of Trustees

V. Reports of the National Committees

A. National Information Technology Committee

B. National Scholarship Management Committee

VI. Reports of the Chapters

A. Alpha Chapter

B. Zeta Chapter

C. Nu Chapter

D. Omicron Chapter

E. Pi Chapter

F. Rho Chapter

G. Tau Chapter

H. Alumni Association

VII. Unfinished Business

A. Seconded motion from the Board of Trustees to adopt Constitutional Amendment LC2016-01(b), which is as follows: That the National Constitution, Article IV, Section 3, Subsection d, be amended to read:

The Board of Trustees shall consist of five (5) permanent members, and a Chapter representative from each Chapter in the Legislative Council. The Chapter representative shall be the Chapter President. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), National Secretary and National President shall be nonvoting members.

VIII. New Business

A. Election of National Officers

1. National President, One-Year Term

2. National Vice President of Chapter Maintenance, Remaining Year of Two-Year Term

3. National Vice President of Expansion, Two-Year Term

4. National Secretary, Three-Year Term

5. National Treasurer, Remaining Year of Three-Year Term

6. National Editor of The Clef, One-Year Term

Recess for Banquet

B. Selection of Host for Next National Convention

C. Bestow Awards

1. National History and Archives Committee

i. Priceless Memories Scrapbook Competition

2. Alumni Association

i. Ralph W. Daniel Award

ii. Major Christian D. Kutschinski Award

3. National Scholarship Management Committee

i. Penny Wars

D. Inauguration of Elected National Officers

IX. Announcements

X. Adjournment