Mu Beta Psi Stationary Set

Each set contains 20 sheets of paper and 20 envelopes.  Paper has Mu Beta Psi, National Honorary Musical Fraternity at the top and a piano key pattern along the bottom.  Envelopes have the piano key pattern along the left edge.

Price: $7.00

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MBΨ Lanyard

Lanyards are red with white letters and contain a swivel attachment for keys. The strap is 1/2″ wide.

Price: $3.00

Graduation Honor Cord

Honor cords are 54″ long with 4” chainette tassels on each end.  The cords have 2 strands of red and one of white.

If a Chapter orders 7 or more cords they become $13 each.


Price: $15.00

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2010 Sounds of Brotherhood CD

Music is what binds together every Brother of Mu Beta Psi. In 2010, Brothers Nick Rosencrans and Chris Ciarlariello put together a 2 CD set featuring music that involved Brothers. The songs came from college performing ensembles in which a Brother participated, recital recordings by Brothers, Chapter performances, even songs recorded by Brothers specifically for the CD.

Price: $0.00

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1″ Buttons

These 1″ pin-back buttons come in 3 designs. Click the image to see all designs.

1 – A red heart with the letter “ΜΒΨ” inside and “Music Service Brotherhood” around the outside, all on a white background

2 – The coat of arms on a black background

3 – A close up of the top of the coat of arms showing the Books of Knowledge and Lamp of Learning, with “Music Service Brotherhood” around the edge , all in a beautiful sepia tone.

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Price: $1.25

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