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A Conversation With… @mubetapsi




Hello all! After a nice, relaxing summer, it’s back to the grind for our collegiate Brothers and it means a return to action for yours truly here on the Alumni website! To get us back into the swing of things, here’s an exclusive interview with the mysterious owner of the @mubetapsi Twitter account.


AA: Thanks for taking the time for doing this. I guess we’ll jump right in. What was the inspiration behind an anonymous, omnipresent Mu Beta Psi account?

@MBΨ: The original intention was to grab the Twitter name before some non-Brother did. Then it became more about having fun with trivia and connecting Brothers.



AA: What made you want to pledge Mu Beta Psi in the first place?

@MBΨ: I saw right away that Psi Brothers had a sense of camaraderie and togetherness, and that this extended to new people as well. That’s always been my favorite part of Psi.



AA: Are you currently an Active Brother? (not asking for Chapter affiliation. Just wondering if you’re still stalking us all in General Assembly.)

@MBΨ: Let’s say I take an active interest, and have been known to pop up to certain events in person. But there are also ways of getting information from events to seem like I’m there even when I’m not. Unlike The Posse, I cannot be everywhere at once.



AA: What instrument(s) do/did you play?

@MBΨ: Egg shaker. And I play it well. Also other(s).



AA: If there’s one non-revealing thing that you’d like Brothers to know about you, what would it be (for example, that you’re always watching, that you love us all or some sappy thing like that, or what have you)?

@MBΨ: That I’m here to have fun with Brothers, and I love when they tweet with me. Also, I like cake.

AA: Were you a founding member of the Posse?

@MBΨ: I wish!



AA: If you could have any music serve as your entrance music (a la WWE), what song would you choose?

@MBΨ: “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers



AA: Exactly how long have you been a Brother?

@MBΨ: Longer than NP Schaefer, shorter than Major Price.



AA: Nice dodge. If you could serve in any office in Mu Beta Psi, what would it be?

@MBΨ: I would create a new office, National Acquirer and Taster of Cake. It would be a lifetime office and I would make sure that every Mu Beta Psi event had lots of cake, but that I carefully and thoroughly tasted it for flavor, texture, and icing consistency first.



AA: And what if you were President of Mu Beta Psi, what would your first executive order be?

@MBΨ: To create the office of National Acquirer and Taster of Cake. My second would be to step down as President to assume my new, lifetime position.



AA: Fair enough! Now, could you give us your best Ryan Hauck acronym for the BoT? Not that we want to replace Hauck, but just to give you something to think about for a while.

@MBΨ: So far as I know, the first acronym for the BoT was simply “ROBOT” or something like that. So to return to our roots: Delightfully Odd Mob Of Artistic yet Rigorous Insti-Gators, Amazingly Talented Or Reasonably Rational Officials, Board Of Trustees, Oooooooh.  Or, DOMO ARIGATO MR ROBOTO.



AA: Not bad! Final question – if you could have dinner with Percy Price, where would you take him, what would you order, and what would be your first question for him?

@MBΨ: I would have a picnic under Percy’s Peaks at NC State. I mean, if I can bring him back, I can bring back the Peaks, right? I would ask him how he went from an instructor in textiles to the leader and founder of NC State’s music program and ultimately Mu Beta Psi. What drove him and motivated him?



AA: Excellent. Thank you so much for doing this, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more tweets!



So there you have it! @mubetapsi is watching us all, so be sure to send the Twitter account a picture of some cake from time to time!