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Oral History Project

The Alumni Association, in partnership with the National Historian, seeks to establish an Oral History of Mu Beta Psi. The goal is to gather stories spanning the 80-plus-year history of Mu Beta Psi, while reconnecting with our alumni.

Please use the form below to share your memories. None of the questions, other than your name and email, are required. Please don’t feel like you have to remember the answers to all of these questions! Any information you can provide is appreciated.

By completing this survey, you agree to allow Mu Beta Psi to contact for questions or clarification, consistent with our Privacy Policy.

Thanks for participating!

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    Your Background

    Please provide some pre-ΜΒΨ background information about yourself:

    What type of music do you enjoy?

    What was your college campus like as an undergrad?

    What musical organizations were you involved with on campus?

    Joining Mu Beta Psi

    Why did you join Mu Beta Psi?

    What did the pledging process entail the year you were initiated?

    What is your most vivid memory of pledging?

    Being Active

    What types of service activities did your Chapter do?

    Describe some of the Conventions or national activities you attended.

    How was your Chapter unique from the other Chapters?

    Personal Memories of Mu Beta Psi

    Who are some of the Brothers you remember most? Why?

    Do you still keep in touch with any Brothers? If so, who?

    What is your fondest memory of being a Brother?


    What's the significance of your Fraternity nickname?

    What does Brotherhood mean to you?

    Any additional reflections/stories/memories you wish to share?

    I grant permission for Mu Beta Psi to include these responses in publications directly related to the Oral History Project