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Please contact the Alumni Association treasurer if you need assistance with becoming active.

Brotherhood and service is the Alumni Association’s most important benefit… but a few more perks don’t hurt!

Associate members are eligible to participate in all Alumni Association events, discussions, and committees.

Active members can do all of the things associate members can, but are also considered nationally active. Active members may vote on Alumni Association issues, serve as a Big Brother during expansions, and hold offices or committee chairships.

To become active:

  1. Pay membership fees.
    • Click here to go to PayPal and pay membership fees as outlined below!
    • Associate: $26.25 per year (except in your first year in Alumni Association)
    • Active: $131.25 per year
    • ($25 Associate /$125 Active per year by check – alumni_treasurer (at) mubetapsi (dot) org to inquire about becoming active this way!)
  2. Sign the Code of Conduct.