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Brothers for life, the men and women of the Alumni Association of Mu Beta Psi continue to devote themselves to music, service, and Brotherhood long after they have left college.  The Alumni Association was founded in 1970 with the mission of promoting fellowship and advancing music.

It exists to keep the alumni Brothers of Mu Beta Psi connected to each other, their chapters, and to the larger Fraternity.  Most importantly, the Alumni Association supports individual and group efforts to serve music and education in the communities across the country that our alumni now call home.

  • One of the most important ongoing efforts of the Alumni Association throughout the year is raising funds for our Restricted Fund Grant program, which gives money to individuals and groups who are in line with Mu Beta Psi’s goals of promoting music and musical education.  We especially enjoy donating to those groups to which our alumni Brothers have devoted their time and energy, like local community orchestras, theater groups, choirs, and music education programs.  For more information about the grant program, click here.
  • The Brothers of the Alumni Association may take music and service seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Affectionately referring to ourselves as “members of AA” or just “the old folks,” and creating committees like the “AARP” (Alumni Association Reorganization Project–surely a total coincidence that the acronym worked out that way) we like to show the collegiate Brothers of Mu Beta Psi that you can work and play together no matter how spread out or diverse your members may be.  We get together as a whole twice a year, for our summer Midyear weekend and during Convention where we enjoy lording over General Assembly from the back of the room, and boring our younger Brothers with stories of “back in the day” while buying a round at the bar (probably the only reason they tolerate us at all).
  • Throughout the year, we stay connected via email and with smaller regional gatherings, and through the efforts of our chapter officers and committees.  Our members have found a happy balance that allows Mu Beta Psi to enrich our lives long after careers, families, and other activities have taken up the larger portion of our time and energy. All Brothers are welcome to join!

To dig a little deeper into how our Chapter operates, you can read our bylaws.