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Major Christian D. Kutschinski Award: Chapter of the Year

The Alumni Association will consider the presentations of the Major Kutschinski Award for Outstanding Chapter at each annual Convention meeting. This does not mean that the award will be presented each year. If the Alumni Association determines that no Chapter has undertaken activities during the previous year which merit the honor of the award, there will be no presentation for that year.

Award Overview

When presented, the award will go to the Mu Beta Psi Chapter that most successfully promotes the goals of the Fraternity during the previous year, including those set out in the Fraternity’s Articles of Incorporation.

The goals listed in the National Constitution are:

  • To honor those outstanding men and women who have devoted their time and efforts to the musical organizations at the educational institutions of the respective Chapters.
  • To stimulate interest in the musical organizations at the education institutions of the respective Chapters.
  • To advance music to its proper place as an educational subject.
  • To actively promote fellowship among musicians everywhere.

Other types of Chapter activities that will be considered appropriate for consideration are:

  • Institution or Community service projects that reinforce the value of Mu Beta Psi to the beneficiary and/or its audience.
  • Programs which promote the values of music to the community, in general.
  • Contributions to the University or local school, such as sheet music, instruments, and scholarship contributions.
  • Chapter-initiated service to the Community or University which promotes music (such as performances at local hospitals or rest homes, music programs in local parks, music instruction provided by Chapter members at schools, etc.)
  • Fellowship among musicians in the community or who visit the area for events, such as receptions for an orchestra after a performance.
  • Extraordinary efforts to promote Mu Beta Psi (i.e. Expansion efforts).

Activities that will not be considered for the award, though they are extremely valuable to the reputation of the Fraternity and to the individual Chapters are:

  • Activities that are not related to music.
  • Social activities within the Chapter or among Chapters.
  • Hosting National Convention in regular rotation.
  • Activities held to raise funds for the Chapter.
  • Activities of individual Brothers unrelated to Chapter Activities.

How to Apply

Each year, the Alumni Association shall solicit information from each Chapter in support of their eligibility for the Kutschinski Award.

Information gathering efforts may include but are not limited to: questionnaires; interviews with Chapter members or advisors; interviews or correspondence with beneficiaries of Chapter activities; activity documentation from the Chapter or the beneficiaries of Chapter activities; letters of reference, thanks, or accolade; newspaper articles; Chapter activities mentioned in Fraternity publications; mentions in programs or brochures; mentions on social media or websites.  Submission of documentation on the part of Chapters is voluntary but encouraged, so that each Chapter may receive appropriate consideration for the award.

View the interview template here

At the conclusion of the information collection period, the Alumni Association shall compile reports for each applicant and submit qualified nominees to the Association for consideration.  The number of nominees may range from zero Chapters to all active Chapters. From those nominees, a winner may be selected and announced at the annual Convention meeting.

Remember that the Kutschinski Award will not necessarily be presented every year. The Alumni Association will consider all activities about which information is provided and will honor a Chapter if that Chapter’s activities are appropriately outstanding.


Address your questions to the Alumni Association Vice President (or to any Alumni Association officer).