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Regional Networking

The following are lists of established city-based and regional networking groups. These groups meet on varying occasion. Each group uses Facebook to communicate with each other and to set up events and times to hang out. If you are a Brother who lives in one of these areas, feel free to join the group closest to you!

Are you traveling to one of these areas? These Facebook groups can be a valuable communication tool to see who lives in an area, and to find out who is available to hang out with you during your visit.

Upcoming Regional Events


Mid-Michigan Alumni & Family Gathering

August 12, 2023

City Based Networks

Regional Networks

Charlotte Area

Chicago IL, Eastern Wisconsin Area

Minneapolis-Saint Paul Area

Roanoke, Salem, Lynchburg Area

Washington DC, Baltimore Area

Gulf Coast

New England

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia

Southeast Michigan

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

West Coast

If there isn’t a group in your area, please let us know!