Many hands make light work -John Heywood

We be taking care of business -Bachman Turner Overdrive

The Alumni Association has committees to take care of our most important business and goals. Most committee meetings are held online and meeting frequency can vary depending on the time of year and task at hand. All active and associate members are eligible and encouraged to join a committee. Pick your favorite and contact the chair of the committee or Chrissy Fleming for more details.

Executive Committee

chaired by Garrett Cooperman

The Executive Committee is comprised of the AA officers and other committee chairs. This committee runs the operations of the AA throughout the year and supports the other committees on an as-needed basis.

Gathering Committee

chaired by Sarah Guthrie

Probably the most fun committee of the AA is the Gathering Committee which carries the responsibility of making sure our alumni Brothers get together and have fun. The committee plans our annual Midyear weekend and the Alumni portion of Convention, and also helps Brothers host smaller local and regional gatherings.

Properties Committee

chaired by Cheryl Goewey

The Properties Committee oversees the Alumni Association store, which selects and sells Mu Beta Psi merchandise to all Brothers. Although Convention is the busiest time of year, the properties committee supports the online store year-round.

Music Makers Fund Committee

chaired by Lucia Soltis

The Music Makers Fund Committee works to get the word out and solicit applications for the Alumni Association Music Makers Fund Grant, which gives money to individuals and groups who are in line with Mu Beta Psi’s goals of promoting music and musical education. Once an application has been received, the Music Makers Fund Committee evaluates the application and makes a recommendation to the Brotherhood on how to distribute the available funds.

Mentoring and Professional Networking Committee

chaired by Derek Sexton

The Mentoring and Professional Networking Committee fosters the spirit and actions of stewardship and fellowship in the Alumni Association. Every year, this committee manages the research and selection process for the Major Christian D. Kutschinski Award for Outstanding Chapter. This process helps the Alumni Association guide the collegiate Chapters to successful fulfillment of the four purposes of Mu Beta Psi. The committee also works to facilitate networking opportunities within Mu Beta Psi for the leveraging of fraternity experience in the professional world.

Thoughtfulness and Outreach Committee

chaired by Sarah Cooperman

The Thoughtfulness Committee strives to support our Alumni Association Brothers with the celebration of birthdays, milestones, and more. It also works to welcome new alumni Brothers into the Alumni Association with open arms, providing information and support.