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Chapter Culture

What makes the Alumni Association unique?

We’re a mixture. We are comprised of brand-new graduates and old standbys as well, with a spectrum of life stages in between. This mixture of alumni from a variety of Chapters, put together into something new, can make us seem like an amalgam of different cultures. We are simultaneously southern and northern; we lean this way and that. But we all love music in academia and the public square – and we love our Brotherhood.
We move at a different pace. We don’t push ourselves unrealistically; we’re willing to pause and take care of life as it occurs. Our Chapter business can be accomplished over a conversation in a hot tub, if the need strikes.
We like to help. As a Chapter, we are focused on giving what we have to help others succeed. We give money toward grants and budget items that further the mission of Mu Beta Psi, and we show our devotion to music, education, and our Brothers. Many of our members even continue to serve music and education in daily life long after graduation, and our Chapter provides support whenever we can. As a group of mentors, we are a presence for our collegiate Brothers — and for each other — to provide guidance for getting through life’s obstacles.

Want to join our events? Here’s how to fit in right away.

Prepare for a welcoming bunch. All collegiate Brothers, new members, and prospectives are always welcome, so fill the car with anybody from your university. You’ll meet our families and friends too, because they are welcome at any event or activity we plan. Don’t be afraid to invite your sweethearts and young ones if you’d like some more company.
Get ready to laugh with us about our ages. You may be asked what songs are popular at your parties, or what the latest running jokes are in your music group. These are new to us, and they help us feel nostalgic for way back when we had running jokes and outrageous party stories too. The oldest Brother at a gathering never has to buy their own drinks — Bryan Reamer is old, by the way — and complaining about being old is part of the territory. You don’t have to hold back if you are feeling grateful for your youth, no matter your age.
Expect flexibility. We understand that our Brothers have lives, careers, families, and other interests. The Alumni Association wants to be a part of that. We want Brothers to feel welcome at all times, for however much or little they can give. We will always take you as you are – we have patience when something comes up for our officers, we pitch in when circumstances change, and we are always grateful for whatever time, energy, or donation a Brother is able to contribute.