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Kutchinski Award Pre-Screening and Follow-Up Interviews


  • Chapter
  • Brother being interviewed (and position, if applicable)
  • Alumni Brother conducting pre-screening
  • Chapter Officers (please add any additional missing officers)
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer
    • Pledge Master
    • Secretary
    • Historian
    • MAL


Chapter Information

  • Advisor(s)
  • Number of Active Brothers
  • Number of Inactive Brothers
  • Number of involved local Alumni (whether active/special active or just show up at events)

Chapter Service/Activities

  • Number or percentage of Brothers typically participating in a service activity
  • Is participation widespread, or is it the same few Brothers every time?
  • Are all slots typically filled for every event?
  • Does the music department ever request greater involvement?
  • Music related service activities at university or within community – What kind? How often? How good is the participation? Are they successful? Indicate if this is a new endeavor or recurring (and for how long).  Who are some contacts we could talk to about your interactions with them? Please list several examples
  • Financial support of music at university or within community – does the Chapter raise funds for other entities?  Do they provide scholarships or awards? Is this new or a recurring endeavor (and for how long)?
  • Physical gifts/contributions to university or community (construction, sheet music, instruments)
  • Awards to members of the music community
  • Hospitality for/coordination of visiting musicians, performers, or clinicians to campus
  • Chapter-based performances within the university or community – concerts, recitals, etc:

Expansion Efforts

  • Did your Chapter Host/Co-Host?
  • Did you supply any Big Brothers (host or remote)?
  • Did you communicate with a Colony?
  • Did your Chapter send Brothers to an installation?
  • Have you helped the NVPE make contact with any schools?

Additional Information

  • People to contact for additional information (Names, Connection to Chapter, Contact Information)
  • Any other information you believe to be relevant


This portion is intended for interviews after a Chapter is selected to move past the pre-screening round. Interviewees should include Chapter Brothers (Active, Inactive, Alumni), Advisors, Suggested Faculty/Community Members. You can also request letters from people who do not accept an interview (or in addition to an interview). Copy and paste these questions for each interview. You are not limited to these questions, but they are intended to serve as a guide for gathering information.

  • Alumni Brother conducting pre-screening
  • Person being interviewed
  • What is your connection to the Chapter?
  • Did the Chapter assist you with a specific task(s)/project(s)?
  • What other information can you provide in support of the Chapter?
  • Do you have any concerns about the Chapter?