Convention 2013 – Zombie A-Pi-Calypse

Convention 2013 will be March 22–24 at Pi Chapter (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey).
A-Pi-Calypse Convention 2013


Alex Dimitrijeski, AA Gathering Committee Chair
Chrissy Fleming, AA President
Kat Petschauer, Pi Chapter MAL

Prepare Beforehand

  1. Read-through the proposed budget, bring any notes or questions
  2. Bake a Pie for the pi(e) contest (if you’re game)
  3. Read over the agenda for the AA meeting


  1. Artifacts from your time as a Brother–pictures, pledge books, paddles, etc. These will be on display in the Alumni Lounge
  2. Your calendar so you can plan for midyear
  3. Your checkbook if you are paying dues or making a donation


Most Brothers from out of town are staying at:
Madison Suites Hotel
11 Cedar Grove Lane
Somerset NJ 08873

Getting around Rutgers

Map of Convention Locations & Friday Parking:

  1. Friday – Rutgers Student Center
  2. Saturday GA – Lucy Stone Hall
  3. Saturday Banquet – Cook Campus Center

AA Meeting (Friday Morning)

  1. 8am – Brothers joining the AA should arrive early to pay dues and be welcomed
  2. 8:15am – All Brothers attending the meeting should arrive
  3. 8:30am-10am AA meeting
  4. Main Business
    Discussing the budget
    Midyear date/location
    Committee and volunteer opportunities
    Renaming the Restricted Fund

Big Convention Business

  1. We will be electing National President, National Vice President of Chapter Maintenance, National Secretary, and NEOTC (very few candidates have stepped forward)
  2. The Board of Trustees is considering applicants to fill the vacant 5th permanent position

AA Events

Thursday night: Stuff Yer Face at 7:00 PM.
Friday: Our meeting room will be the “Alumni Lounge” throughout the day. There will be games, properties for sale, snacks (pending the approval of RU), and a “photo booth.”
Friday night: Alternative plan is a bowling alley near campus. This will be for those that might shy away from the typical Friday night plans.
Saturday: We will have a table at General Assembly for sales of property items, and snacks (pending the approval of RU). Pi has activities planned for Pledges and those not interested in being at General Assembly.
Saturday night: Banquet