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Convention 2015 Details


Happy 2015 y’all! Hope the first few days of the new year have been joyous and full of family, friends, and laughs. We here in the content division (namely, yours truly) have been relaxing with plenty of music, sports, and eggnog. Especially eggnog. Now that we’re officially in the New Year, it’s time to turn our focus once more to our annual National Convention!

Friday – Sunday, March 20-22, 2015


We’ll be touching base with our Fearless Leader soon to get all the delicious details of our alumni rendezvous at god-awful o’clock, but for now, let’s just run through the basics. Here’s what we’ve got.



This year’s convention will be held at  –  The Holiday Inn Georgetown

2101 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20007


Unlike past years, where meetings would be on the campus of the host Chapter, this year’s meetings will also be at the hotel, allowing for us to be in one central place for extra sleep, so no excuses if you’re not there at god-awful o’clock!


To reserve a room at the group rate, please call (202) 338-4600 and ask for group sales between 8am and 5pm. I know that I personally will be arriving via train on Thursday night and have been informed that there will be transportation provided from Union Station and from the airport.


Directions from Airports

Is has been recommended that Brothers flying into DC for convention land at Reagan National Airport (DCA). There is a Metro (subway) station at the airport that will take you into the heart of DC via the Blue and Yellow Lines. The closest stop to the hotel is the Woodley Park Metro Station, and the hotel provides a shuttle to and from. Please note the Woodley Park Metro Station is on the Red Line, so you will need to change trains.

For those opting to travel into Dulles International Airport (IAD), you will likely have to take a taxi to get into DC and then Metro from there.


A full, detailed map of the DC Metro can be found here.


Directions from Union Station

For those taking the Megabus or Amtrak, you will be dropped off in DC at Union Station. There is a Metro Station at the station that is on the Red Line. So good news! You won’t have to switch any trains! Take the Red Line train to the Woodley Park Metro Station, and the hotel will provide a shuttle to and from.


A full, detailed map of the DC Metro can be found here.


Directions from The South

For those folks deciding to brave The Beltway, join up with I-95 and drive to I-395. Take Exit 8B to hop on VA-27 East/S Washington Blvd in Arlington. Follow to the ramp to get to N Lynn St (US-29 North). You’ll cross the Key Bridge and then turn right onto M St NW. Turn left at 33rd St NW. Take this street to the end, and then turn left onto Wisconsin Avenue NW. The Holiday Inn will be on the right, just past the PETCO and the British School of Washington. Insert joke here.


Directions from The North

For the north, it gets a little complicated because of the different routes. Folks around New England, New York City, and New Jersey will have the easiest time on their road trip. Just hop I-95 South and then take I-495 West to Exit 33, MD-185 South/Connecticut Ave in Chevy Chase. Yes, you will have to enter Chevy Chase. I apologize, but for all I know, it could be a quite pleasant experience. You’ll have to get back to me on that. Go around the rotary and continue on Connecticut Ave NW. Turn right onto Nebraska Ave NW, then another right onto Grant Rd NW. Turn left onto Wisconsin Ave NW. The hotel will be on your left after about 2 miles.


For those of you from Michigan and you’re insane enough to drive down, go down the mitten and hook up with I-80 East, continuing onto the Ohio Turnpike, and continuing to I-76 East. Take Exit 161 for I-70 East. Take Exit 53 to merge onto I-27o East and then follow signs for I-495 South. Take Exit 39 to merge onto MD-190 East. Turn right on Ridgefield Rd, then the first left onto Westbard Ave. Turn left onto Massachusetts Ave NW. Turn right onto Wisconsin Ave NW. The hotel will be on your left.


Or, instead of taking my word for it, use your GPS.


More details to come…