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Convention Update: Schedule

Hey folks!


The time for booking hotel rooms at the discounted rate has now passed, so if you still need to find lodging for Convention, please visit the Convention 2015 page and check out the links for some alternatives.


We’re expecting the release of an official convention schedule any day now, so this post will be updated when the schedule is released. That being said, it’s a pretty safe bet that our Alumni Association meeting will be the first meeting of the day on Friday. That’s just how we roll, I guess. Once I receive a copy of our official agenda for the meeting, I’ll post it here as well.


So, in short, there are many more details to come, so if you’re a diligent reader of this website… well, first, thanks for checking back here so often and giving my mind license to wander. But yeah, if you check back soon-ish, there will be schedules here in the future. Stay tuned!