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Fundraising Goal Update

Happy New Year!  With our Midyear meeting long behind us and Convention approaching, the Alumni Association is cranking back into gear, with lots going on. We have social events coming up and lots of business to accomplish, but at the front of our minds this month are our fundraising goals.  Here’s where we stand so far:

Restricted Fund Goal: $1,100   Raised since Midyear: $600
Unrestricted Fund Goal: $2,500    Raised since Midyear: $630
The Restricted Fund is what we use to give grants to music organizations and musical individuals. Keep an eye out for a full write-up on the organizations who have received grant money so far. The Unrestricted Fund is how the Alumni Association pays for its activities and member benefits. We want to expand our reach by funding more social activities and more of the expenses incurred by our officers.
Did we mention that donations to either fund are TAX DEDUCTIBLE? Click here to make a donation today!