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Informal Alumni Gatherings

On October 1, Matt and Andrea Zander invited some Brothers who live nearby to join in a backyard bonfire. They posted the idea on Facebook a week or so in advance, asked for availability to gauge interest, and then just threw plans together with whomever could make it.

“Bring some salad and baked beans!” Andrea said over the phone. “And a pumpkin too, if you want to carve one!” Together around the table, and under the stars later that night, everybody shared stores from the past and talked about what’s going on nationally in our Fraternity. Pledge classes, fund raising, travel and discographies, wandering from topic to topic just like Brothers always do when late-night conversations fill the darkness with sounds of laughter and friendship.

And it all happened thanks to the Zanders, but nothing the Zanders did was a secret. It just started with an idea that turned into a invite, and those invites led to cars in their driveway.

When was the last time you planned an informal gathering for area Brothers? If you have any concerns, struggles, tips or plans in mind, feel free to share them in the comments.