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Staying Connected

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The fifth of November is coming, and before too long we’ll be receiving notes of congratulations about new Brothers who have finished pledging and are now part of this Brotherhood. It’s the time of year when I think back to being an active Brother on campus, occasionally meeting people of long ago … getting acquainted with people who seem to know everything but whose name I only distantly recognize.

How do we alumni stay connected to our old Chapters?

Many of us choose to remain subscribers to mailing lists or stay listed on local contact lists. Or perhaps we stop in on meetings occasionally, perhaps volunteering for an event here and there when the Chapter asks. I know many who like to visit other Chapters to help see a pledge class through to full membership in this Fraternity. Whatever our approach, both sides seem to benefit from these opportunities. The cost in vacation time, in gas tanks and restaurant tabs is worth the effort, because in return we create these special moments. We create photographs and conversations. We share stories, trade concerns and find a common understanding, all over again, of what Brotherhood means to us.

As November 5 gets closer, consider what you can do to keep your connection to our collegiate Brothers strong. Here are some ideas:

• Call an active Brother and volunteer to be contacted for a brief pledge class task.
• Invite a nearby Chapter to join you for a meal sometime.
• Find a free concert or performance nearby and tell active Brothers about it.
• Attend an upcoming social event, if only for an hour or so.
• Share a favorite article or treasured picture from your active years.
• Plan a Founder’s Day event, and invite some people to join.

What are some ways you stay connected? Share your tips, struggles or ideas in the comments.