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Lorem Ipsum, Magnum Opus

Author’s Note: By the name of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony! It’s been a while, hasn’t it, friends? Allow me to dust off the cobwebs from this for a minute and be the first to personally welcome you to the Alumni Association website. It’s a bit of a relaunch project, spearheaded by our chair, Garrett Cooperman and contributed to by yours truly. If you’re a new Alumni Association member or someone that’s on the fence, allow me to welcome you to the folds and encourage you to consider becoming active in our great Chapter.

To all the veteran and returning members, welcome back home. I hope you enjoy reading this just as much as I enjoy creating it, if not more. Your continued support of not only this website but the Alumni Association is truly something to be proud of. And now, without further ado, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this thing.




As you may know, “lorem ipsum” is the placeholder text used to show off font styles, graphic elements, and just the overall layout of a webpage. It’s all nonsensical Latin    gibberish taken from the works of Cicero. However, I take pleasure in the idea of “lorem ipsum”. My entire life has been one nonsensical event after another, and that even includes my experiences with Brotherhood. I don’t say this as a negative thing; in fact, I relish it. To have everything make sense means that you’ve got everything figured out, and I hope for many more surprises to come in an already surprise-filled tenure as a Brother.

For me, “lorem ipsum” is my magnum opus. It’s my crowning achievement in Brotherhood, to allow for the delightful, nonsensical, altogether joyous moments I’ve experienced with you all to flow from my mind to my fingers, to your eyes and into your mind. Lorem ipsum. My magnum opus begins now.

I’m sure the million dollar question is, “what the heck can we expect in the coming weeks, months, whenever?” Well, however long I’m allowed to keep this show running, I’ll be posting amusing things, serious things, probably throwing in a sales pitch here or there, and sharing some music lyrics that will be sure to have you cursing my name for putting the song into your head. But hey – isn’t that what Brotherhood is all about?

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