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Take A Rhoad Trip? Tell Us About It!

Calling All Rhoad Trippers!

Had a good time with all the Yoopers, eh? Great! The Alumni Association wants to hear all about them! Have a moment that really sticks out in your mind that you want to share with your Brothers who weren’t able to attend? Take any sweet pictures of the people, the places, or the pasties? Send them to us! We’d love to see!


All pictures and stories will be put together in a new post at the end of the month, just around the time that everyone begins to wax nostalgic about it. So while those memories are still fresh in your noodles, please send them to this email address! If you wish to remain anonymous for some reason, that’s cool too.


A new feature story will be posted in the upcoming two weeks, so please do keep an eye out for that. Until then? Share, share, and share some more! ‘Cause sharing means caring, y’all.