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Tim Kudlock Named Trustee Emeritus

Many thanks to Trustee Emeritus Tim Kudlock for so many years of service to the Fraternity as a member of the Board of Trustees! The Alumni Association submitted the below resolution during the 2012 ΜΒΨ National Convention, and after reading it aloud, the National Organization voted to accept the resolution. Congratulations!

Resolution for Tim Kudlock
Omicron Convention March 10, 2012

WHEREAS Brother Tim Kudlock was initiated into Mu Beta Psi, National Honorary Musical Fraternity at Delta Chapter at Clemson University in 1985,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock served Delta Chapter with distinction,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock practiced music as well as he served it, beginning with piano lessons at age six, then accordion, trumpet, organ, and voice, at Clemson University, at church, in musical theater, in community performing ensembles, and two Christian rock bands,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock was elected National Editor of The Clef in 1988,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock was elected National President in 1989 and again in 1990,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock was assumed his duties as a Permanent Member of the Board of Trustees in 1992,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock served the Board of Trustees with distinction, serving as the Chairman and Vice Chairman, and acting as National Treasurer as needed,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock has generously shared his unique and extensive financial expertise as a CPA and as an entrepreneur in his role as Financial Advisor,

WHEREAS the trust of the Fraternity in Brother Kudlock, freely given in recognition of his knowledge and experience, has instilled a sense of security throughout the Fraternity,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock has mentored National Officers and Chapter Treasurers alike, treating all as equals, and each with Brotherly kindness and respect,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock’s vision formed the core of this Fraternity’s National Goals and long-term planning,

WHEREAS Brother Kudlock has demonstrated distinguished service to furthering the purposes of this Fraternity,

WHEREAS on March 10, 2012, Brother Kudlock chose to step down from the position of Permanent member of the Board of Trustees, therefore be it

RESOLVED that Mu Beta Psi, National Honorary Musical Fraternity, formally recognizes Brother Kudlock for 25 years of service, and let it further be

RESOLVED that Brother Kudlock be commended for his dedication and commitment to the principles of this Fraternity, and let it further be

RESOLVED that Brother Kudlock will always have a home in the Alumni Association no matter where he’s driving, and let it finally be

RESOLVED that Brother Kudlock be granted the title of Trustee Emeritus henceforth.

Yours in Brotherhood,
The Alumni Association of Mu Beta Psi