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What we did this summer

Wait, what? The leaves are changing? Here’s a couple things we’ve been up to.

Beth Bankowski

Beth Bankowski enjoying the Minneapolis skyline

Minneapolis was the Midyear destination this year, so about a dozen alumni traveled to Minnesota for socializing and accomplishing some policy changes too. It started on the porch of Erin and Drew Barwis, who opened up their house for an evening of catered treats and tasty beverages. Some Brothers went on a drive around the lakes south of town, while others sat on the porch and reminisced about stories past and present.

Brothers at Peavy Plaza

Alex Dimitrijeski, Haley Vingsness, Chris Bork, Nick Rosencrans, Ivan Chen and Sherri Brigden

The next day, the Midyear meeting was brisk and productive. A few positions changed: though Chrissy Fleming stayed on as Chapter president, Nick Rosencrans was elected Vice President and Tara Waybrant was elected Secretary. After brunch, a sunlit Minneapolis beckoned everyone to come out and play: walks around the Mall of America or along the Mississippi Riverfront, tours of downtown or the sculpture gardens, quiet getaways to catch up with old friends and even a group trip to see the last Harry Potter movie.

Brothers enjoying a meal at Pracna

Nick Rosencrans, Ivan Chen, Andrew Fleming, Chrissy Fleming and Erin Barwis

Though we wrapped up on Sunday, alumni activity wasn’t over. Over email the Alumni Association has accomplished some heavy lifting that started years ago, trying to investigate a new Associate membership level for Brothers who want to stay visible but don’t feel like attending every function or having to vote. Full details on these changes are only now being fleshed out, but the votes are in: the Alumni Association wants you! Keep an eye out for more information coming in the next couple months.